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Animation America Cels and Art


Alan Bodner is a supervising background artist for Warner Bros. Classic Animation. His
work has been featured in the Looney Tunes theatrical shorts, "Box Office Bunny," "The Duxorcist” and "The Night of the Living Duck" and numerous Warmer Bros. commercials (including McDonald's and Nike). Alan has also been a graphic designer, colorist and background painter for several film and television productions.

Art Director


A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Alan’s distinctive style has been featured extensively on New York’s "ABC News," as well as "Pee Wee's Playhouse" and Women’s Wear Daily. He has also introduced a line of horue furnishings and accessories featuring his own neo-nuclear design.

In 1994 Alan enjoyed traveling to promote The Portrait Series 1 and sharing the collector’s enthusiasm for the sophisticated approach to the Warner Bros. cartoon stars. He considers the art his gift to the characters that have brought us all so much joy over the years.

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