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Born and raised on the Southeast coast of Maine.Graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 1989 with a BA in Political Science. November of 1989 attended the celebration of the fall of The Berlin Wall in East and West Berlin, Germany. Was inspired by the events in Berlin and made a paper mache globe to capture the experience That first hand-painted globe led to a dozen more and the founding of The Midnight Map Company.

Artist / Sculptor


Moved to La Jolla Spring of 1991. Contacted a defense contractor with a laser to create a series of map prototypes to represent the Earth’s continental contours in light. The R&D process followed and the laser-cut acrylic lights appeared. This development led to expanding the subject
matter from maps to many types of linear images, including Warner Bros. Characters.

Buzzy spends his free time walking his dogs, surfing with friends, and hand shaping old style wooden surfboards.

Buzzy enjoys the following that his lights have generated but finds it easy not to take himself and his work too seriously. He is often heard saying, “I did not create the characters that I illuminate. I just created the device by which they come to light.”

‘Buzzy’s lights are taking many forms.. He was in the Disney Catalog and held licenses with 20th century Fox, MCA/Universal Studios, and The National Hockey League. ’

Buzzy likes to note that although his lights don’t rank as one of the top inventions of the 20th Century, they seem to bring a smile to the faces of those that own them.

“Not many kids like to admit that they are afraid of the dark but most are.” Buzzy says, “So if Iinvented a night light that is too cool not to own, then I made having a night light cool for kids.”

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