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Limited Edition Hand Painted Cel

"Don Donald!"


An elusive, limited hand painted cel by Disney Studios.

Professionally  framed & matted.

"DON DONALD" is an outstanding hand inked and painted limited edition animation cel. This scene from the 1937 cartoon "Don Donald", features Donald and Daisy Duck, in her first screen appearance. After a lover's spat, Donald tries to dazzle Daisy with a flashy red roadster.
The artwork has been authentically reproduced by the world-famous Disney Ink and Paint Department.

The background scene for this cel has been faithfully reproduced by a Disney background artist, using as reference material, original Don Donald background paintings, sketches and frames from the film. It has been printed on premium quality paper by color services, Inc. of Monterey Park, California. This recreated cel from DON DONALD is from Scene 26.

This is a SOLD-OUT edition size of 500 (worldwide) with this piece being numbered 266/500. This cel bears the Disney embossed seal in the lower corner.

DON DONALD DUCK & Daisy Limited Edition Disney Cel Art Mexico Spanish Vacation

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