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Harry Sabin is an animator and character designer at Warner Bros. Classic Animation.
His work has appeared in several Warner Bros. animated productions including "Box
Office Bunny” and commercials for McDonald's, Target and Nike.



An ajummis of California Institute of the Arts, Harry’s work was also featured in the Disney animated feature, "The Fox and the Hound,” the animation feature “Raggedy Ann and Andy” for Lester Osterman Productions and many Filmation animated productions.
Deceptively charming, Harry's appealing character designs offhandedly convey the spirit of Looney Tunes...the sense that behind the alluring pose is an anvil waiting to be dropped.

One of Harry's intentions with both the Portrait Series I and II was to create works of art with a tireless appeal that would elevate the perception of the characters from mere cartoon characters to Hollywood stars.

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