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"Pepe Le Pew"

Limited Edition Art from Warner Bros. Studio Stores.
Original frame and original die-cut custom matting.
Signed and numbered.
Signed by Harry Sabin & Alan Bodner
Lithograph Origin 1993
A highly sought after edition from the famous Portrait Series line of Looney Tunes Characters.
Keeping in tradition with the portrait series, Pepe Le Pew began with artists Alan Bodner and Harry Sabin, who collaborate on the character concept. After developing a rough sketch, Harry lays down the final line drawing, bringing to task his talent and vision as an animator to merge Pepe's know personality with the sophisticated tone of the 1940's glamour portrait.

Taking this line drawing, Alan works out the idea for light and shadow in a painted preliminary sketch. In the final step, Alan renders the painting utilizing both airbrush and fine brush work to define the character in the third dimension, while creating the dramatic atmosphere found only in Hollywood's "Golden Era" glamour portraits.

If you look carefully, you may notice that hidden within each design, the artists have applied their initials. Can you find them?

Production of a limited edition lithograph begins with drawings taken from the original artwork which are then applied to either a metal plate or limestone. The plate is then inked by hand, the paper placed on top, and then by pressing the surfaces together, an image is created. To achieve the nuances and desired effects in each image of the portrait series, several plates are created and run separately through the press. A single edition, such as Pepe le Pew, may take up to 4 weeks to print. After the edition of 500 prints and 50 artist proofs are printed, every plate used in the creation of the image is destroyed. Finally, each lithograph is signed by both artists and hand numbered.

PEPE LE PEW Rare Harry Sabin Alan Bodner Portrait Series Limited Edition Art

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