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TELLY16" Plush.

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Sold Exclusively at Sesame Place/Seaworld. 

Telly Monster is a slightly neurotic young monster who lives at 1304 Sesame Street.Early on, Telly was often paired with Oscar the Grouch, whom he tried to befriend against tremendous odds. The two were traveling companions in Follow That Bird, and Telly is a member of Oscar's fan club, the Grouchketeers. The two starred in two recurring sketches together: "Ask Oscar," which Telly introduced; and "Sneak Peek Previews."


They were paired again in 2010 in a sketch demonstrating words that begin with the letter B. Telly was initially conceived as a monster obsessed with watching television; his name is short for Television Monster. The character was first seen in Episode 1257, during the tenth season, performed here by Bob Payne. This particular build of the puppet had antennas coming out of the top of his head, and his eyes would whirl around as he endlessly watched TV. An idea of making him a cyclops was dismissed early on.

TELLY Monster Large Pink Plush Exclusive Sesame Street Place 16"

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