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16" Plush
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Sold Exclusively at Sesame Place/Seaworld.

The Honkers are fuzzy creatures from Sesame Street who communicate by honking their bulbous noses. Conceptualized by Tony Geiss, the Honkers made their debut in Season 12, first appearing in Episode 1458.

Honkers come in a variety of colors, and baby Honkers are hatched from eggs. It is not known how closely related (if at all) the Honker species is to that of The Dingers, although there are similarities between the two. According to Episode 1674, Honkers are native to the Land of Honk, which the script suggests has a flag of a bulb-horn. The Land of Honk would be referenced again when introducing the Honker contestant on "Name That Sound!" 

HONKERS Monster Large Purple Plush Exclusive Sesame Street Place 16"


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